Safety Policy

Midgard wants to set an example in safety and occupational health and safety issues. Emphasis is placed on maintaining maximum security in all of the company’s activities, with the safety of guests and employees always as a guiding light.

Midgard aims to create an accident-free workplace where no guest, employee or contractor will suffer health or bodily harm in Midgard’s work environment.

In order to enforce the safety policy, Midgard’s owners and employees will focus on the following:

  • Knowing and following the company’s values
  • Shaping and creating a safety culture that extends to all of Midgard’s operations
  • Making sure that sufficient funds, personnel, knowledge and equipment are available to enable a safe working environment
  • Work systematically in a clear, proactive and documented way
  • Employee responsibilities and duties are defined and fulfilled
  • Ensure that employees are qualified for their work
  • Employees make an effort to show responsibility and reliability in their work, thus strengthening the trust and safety of other employees and guests
  • The company promotes good employee health, a safe working environment and good working conditions
  • Education, training and retraining of employees take safety priorities into account
  • Inform employees and guests clearly about safety issues

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