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Midgard & The Environment

We have a responsibility towards our planet to treat it well, to care for our environment and to be aware of our impact on nature. This is an ongoing process and takes time to figure out.

We want to be honest, we are far from perfect but we are taking steps in the right direction. We are committed to our environmental and sustainability policy and to work on it further. We see it as the beginning of something bigger.

If you have an idea for us to implement, drop us a line! You can use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

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Our Environmental & Sustainability Policy

Our goal is to be as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. We believe
that everyone can make a difference when it comes to minimising our impact on the environment.

Food waste
At our restaurant we strive to minimise food waste. Our menu is designed with
this in mind. We reduced the number of dishes on our menu and optimised our ordering
because we’d rather run out of a dish than throw away food. For group meals we offer
free refills rather than make too much, and anything leftover goes on a staff
shelf for our staff to enjoy.

Recycling is an important step to reduce waste. We recycle paper, plastic,
food waste, metal and glass. Please help us do this and make sure you put
your trash in the correct bin.

Although our energy is green and sustainable, we want to reduce our electricity
consumption wherever possible. We shut down all energy consuming appliances
when not in use and we turn off lights when they are not needed. We
encourage our guests to do the same.

Our tap water is pure spring water, naturally filtered through lava for
centuries. We encourage our guests to drink tap water from reusable bottles
or to fill their plastic bottles with tap water instead of buying a new one.
We give free Midgard reusable bottles with our lunch boxes and don’t sell
any bottled still water. On our tours we teach guests how to drink
safely from rivers and streams.

Chemical products
We use as few chemicals as possible and all the cleaning
products we use are environmentally friendly.

Wherever possible we purchase local products, both to support the
local community and to minimise transport.

We recognise that most of our guests travel by plane and car to reach us
and that we use buses and super jeeps on our tours. However, we are committed
to reducing the carbon emissions that we have control over. We ensure that
we use the vehicle with the lowest gas usage for each trip and
encourage our staff to come to work on foot or by bike.

Environmental commitment

We are committed to decreasing our impact on the environment and making
environmental consideration a priority throughout our operation. We will
continue this journey by educating ourselves and sharing what
we learn with our guests.

We encourage you to take

The Icelandic Pledge

The pledge is extremely important to us at Midgard. When we travel the pledge
is our guiding light. We encourage all our guests to take the pledge and to be
responsible when exploring, not only in Iceland but everywhere they go.

Drink responsibly!

The Icelandic “Kranavatn”

The Icelandic “kranavatn” or tap water is pure springwater, naturally filtered through lava for centuries before it reaches your tap.

We encourage you to take the pledge and make “kranavatn” your drink of choice in Iceland, to drink from reusable bottles and to responsibly dispose of all your waste.

>> Take the “Kranavatn” pledge

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