So many things to see and to experience

Location & Attractions

Midgard is located in central South Iceland on the eastern edge of a small village with an almost unpronounceable name, Hvolsvöllur (give it a try: “Kvols-vott-lur”).

Midgard is very easily reached by driving just a few metres off the “1” ring road (so no need for any rough gravel track driving!).

Midgard is only a two hour drive from Keflavík International Airport and just over an hour from the capital city of Reykjavík.


There are so many attractions close to Base Camp. We don´t know where to start. Here is the driving distance to a few of them:

Seljalandsfoss (15 min)
Mount Þríhyrningur (20 min)
Landeyjahöfn – boat to Vestmannaeyjar (25 min)
Skógar (35 min)
Sólheimajökull (50 min)
Vík (70 min)
Reynisfjara (70 min)

The list goes on…

Dyrhólaey (60 min)
Þórsmörk (70 min)
Landmannalaugar (2 hours)
Secret Lagoon Hot Spring (50 min)
Geysir – The Golden Circle (70 min)
Gullfoss – The Golden Circle (80 min)
Þingvellir – The Golden Circle (1 hour and 25 min)
Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon (3 hours and 15 min)

Please note: The time is dependent on weather and road conditions.

Our town

Hvolsvöllur is typical Icelandic town with around 800 inhabitants. It has a bank (also ATM), pharmacy, gasoline station and a super market.

We recommend that you have a walk around the town, chat with the locals in the swimming pool (Icelanders are quite talkative in the hot tubs), visit the Lave Centre (you will enjoy it even if you are not the typical museum type) and get acquainted with Njáll at the Njál´s Saga Centre.

Midgard´s surroundings

Midgard lies at the gateway to Katla Geopark, an area of Iceland specially recognised as containing a supreme collection of natural wonders. Midgard helps you to “open the gate” to these magical places that are right on your doorstep.

Midgard is situated amongst many geological gems such as the icecaps of Mýrdalsjökull, Eyjafjallajökull and Tindfjallajökull (don’t even try to pronounce these names – we will happily teach you, perhaps over a drink, always a help!).

Powerful volcanoes

There are also many volcanoes close to Base Camp, for example Katla, volcanic landscapes and striking glaciers, such as Gígjökull and Sólheimajökull, and many glorious landscapes such as Þórsmörk (every Icelanders’ Number 1 dream destination) and Fjallabak.

Water, yes plenty of water!

Mighty rivers are present too such as the Markárflót. Sometimes even these rivers cannot contain their excitement at flowing across Iceland’s glorious landscapes, overflowing with joy, especially during times of heavy rain (as can happen, occasionally in Iceland!) and dramatic glacial floods. There is an abundance of delightful waterfalls as well, for example, Seljalandsfoss (warmly viewable in all seasons, in clear weather, from our outdoor hot tub) and Skógafoss.