Base Camp RestaurantMENUSEAT & DRINK

Breakfast Buffet

Breakfast is served for all, no matter if you are staying overnight or not. The buffet is open from 08:00 – 10:00 (winter) and 07:00 – 10:00 (summer). Price pp. is 1.900 ISK for Base Camp guests and 2.100 for others. For group prices and reservations please contact or give us a call.

Breakfast is an exceptional buffet with an extensive “pick and mix” spread to satisfy all appetites and tastes. Take a hike around our buffet tables and you can select from our home recipe muesli, skyr, súrmjólk, our in-house baked bread, cheeses, cold meats, eggs, homemade jams, hummus dips, spreads and fruits. Hot and cold drinks are always available.

psst… A second hike around the buffet tables is permissible too!


Over the cold winter months we serve hot soup for lunch. We serve different kind of soup from day to day. All the soups are prepared from scratch by our lovely chefs and are served with fresh bread and our butter-skyr-seasalt spread.

Take-away Lunchboxes

Order a lunchbox to take with you for the day

The lunchboxes include: vegetarian wrap (chicken or fish if requested), skyr (dairy), fruit, small chocolate, homemade muesli bar and water.

Price: 2500 ISK
Please order lunchboxes the day before at the front desk.

More detailed information about the wraps:

(Veggie)Midgard wrap
Humus, Skyr toping, Red onion pickels, Cucumber pickels, Eggplant, Lettuce, Icelandic Feta

Chicken wrap
Skyr-Mustard-Honey Sauce, Beetroot, Chicken, Carrots, Lettuce, Arugula (rucola)

Fish wrap
Lettuce, Potatoes, Trauth, Cottage cheese, Fenell pickels


Our soups are served with traditional Icelandic bread dumplings, making them hale and hearty. Add slow cooked beef if you dare.

CLASSIC MIDGARD SOUP Clear vegetable soup with carrots, celery and potato.

RED PEPPER SOUP Pureed red peppers and onion with crème fraiche

Small: 1.000 ISK / Large: 1.800 ISK / w. Beef 2.300 ISK

Our salads are all served on flatkökur, the traditional Icelandic flatbread.

CLASSIC MIDGARD SALAD Hummus, oven roasted aubergine, sun dried tomatoes, cottage cheese, rocket and lettuce.  1.900 ISK

FISH SALAD Smoked arctic char, potato, cottage cheese, pickled fennel and lettuce.  2.300 ISK

CHICKEN SALAD Chicken breast slices with honey-mustard-skyr dressing, parmesan cheese, croutons.  2.300 ISK

Our warm, rich Midgard sandwiches are served in delicious home baked sour-dough bread with root vegetables on the side.

CLASSIC MIDGARD SANDWICH Tofu in ginger marinade with root vegetables and lettuce.  2.600 ISK

STEAK SANDWICH Slow cooked flash grilled beef, mustard caper sauce, cucumber pickle and lettuce.  3.400 ISK

CHICKEN SANDWICH Pan fried chicken breasts, pickled red onions, lettuce and honey-mustard-skyr sauce.  2.900 ISK


GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH Our bread grilled with cheese and served with roasted roots and a dipping sauce.  1.300 ISK

ONE WITH EVERYTHING A 100% Icelandic lamb hot dog flavored with dried blueberries and served with our baked bread and relish, horseradish sauce and pickled mustard seeds. And of course crisp fried onion.  1.000 ISK


POT DE CREAM A rich creamy chocolate dessert made with 60% dark chocolate and served with a crispy liquorice merenge topping.

Group Menus

We accept groups of various sizes at Base Camp Restaurant. We welcome large groups up to 100 – 150 persons to our tables as well as offering catering service outside of our “home”.

Please drop us a line to reserve a table for groups of 10+ receive a group discount or special group menus.