6 bedDORMITORYat Base Camp

Bed in 6-bed Dorm, Shared Bathrooms

  • Hostel South Iceland Midgard Base Camp
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  • Unique Hostel South Iceland – Midgard Base Camp

Bunk bed

Iceland's finest bunks

Sleeps up to a maximum of 6 persons. Ideal for single travelers, couples and groups of friends.

Dormitory with 3 pairs of uniquely designed bunk beds with privacy curtain. Bedside lights, electrical charging sockets and blackout blinds. One lockable drawer per each bunk bed. Shared toilet and shower facilities.

Access to rooftop sauna and hot tub. Free wi-fi in room and all communal areas. Access to a drying cabinet. Restaurant and bar on site.

Type Bunk bed

Occupancy 6 Person(s)

Size 6 bed dorm


Starts from 4.000 ISK/night
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