How to get married in Thorsmork. How to get there and have an adventure wedding in Iceland’s secluded nature reserve.

Thorsmork (Þórsmörk in Icelandic) is a gorgeous nature reserve in south Iceland. It is close to a few of the most famous landmarks in Iceland, Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss, for example. For those looking for a hike, Thorsmork is the perfect place. The reserve has hiking trails in the 2-3 kilometer range as well as the Fimmvorduhals hike, which is 24km and takes a full day. Out of the many places in Iceland to have an elopement ceremony, Thorsmork easily ranks high up on the list as it ticks so many of the boxes that adventurous couples want. Amazing views, raw landscapes, mountains, rivers, and the option to spend your first night there as a married couple.

What is special about Thorsmork?

One of the many reasons why couples decide on eloping in Iceland is because of the vast and seemingly endless landscapes. Couples really want these epic photos from Iceland! Just Google Valahnukur and you’ll get the picture, literally! Thorsmork is secluded as you can only reach the reserve with a 4×4. I mean, how cool is it to roll up to your elopement ceremony in a super jeep?! This also means you won’t run into the tourist crowds you might encounter at the other destinations in south Iceland. We always recommend spending at least a full day in Thorsmork. Think about having a sunset ceremony during the midnight sun after spending the day hiking in some of the best areas in Iceland. Then waking up and being on your honeymoon!

How to plan an elopement in Thorsmork

We can help plan your day in Thorsmork. If you are bringing guests, we recommend booking a private tour with us for extra flexibility and comfort. We also recommend starting the day early, we offer accommodation at our very own accommodation at Midgard base camp so you can get in as early as possible. Most couples choose not to be legally married in Iceland but to have a symbolic ceremony instead. This is because filing the necessary documents can take a few weeks and it is just easier to sign the paperwork in the country you live and not have to worry about notaries, apostille, birth certificates, and other documents while you are planning your elopement.

However, here is a step-by-step guide if you’d like to have a legal marriage in Iceland.

Notify the Iceland Registry of your upcoming marriage

Submit your birth certificates

Submit a certificate of marital status. Must be issued within 8 weeks of your wedding day

If this is not your first marriage, submit a divorce decree

If you are a widow or a widower, submit a death certificate.

Scan and send your unexpired passport, also… bring your passport!

Where to have your ceremony and wedding pictures

If you are planning to work with an elopement photographer in Iceland, you can start with prep photos at Midgard Base Camp, and here are a few spots in Thorsmork that are ideal for an elopement ceremony or elopement photos.

On top of Valahnukur

In Stakkholtsgja canyon

Nauthusagil, just a few kilometers short of Thorsmork

In front of Stigafoss waterfalls

How much does it cost to get married in Iceland

We can assume that you are pretty familiar with how expensive Iceland is. Because of its remoteness in the north Atlantic, most of the goods need to be imported year-round which causes high prices for almost everything, for example. Here is the thing, weddings can also be insanely expensive. You can elope in Iceland for a fraction of the cost of a standard wedding. Think about it, you don’t have to book a venue and you don’t have to buy everyone a meal or a drink (or drinks) at the bar! An elopement in Iceland is ideal for couples who want to spend money on what they value the most, themselves and their relationship! This obviously depends heavily on where you are flying in from, how much time you want to spend in Iceland and what you want to do on the days you’re not getting married on — but couples can expect to spend somewhere between $9000 and $15000 in total for their elopement and honeymoon trip in Iceland. This includes flights, hotels, food, rental car, gas, elopement vendors, and day trip adventures in Iceland.

What is the best season?

Thorsmörk is awesome for weddings any time of the year – each season has its own vibe. Summer is like a dream with those never-ending days, and the midnight summer thing is pure magic. You’ve got these crazy vibrant colors and the option to explore the Icelandic highlands. Just a heads up, summer is the main tourist season. But if you’re more into a chill scene with stunning fall colors, aim for September or October. Now, if you’re cool with cold weather, northern lights, and snow, winter is where it’s at. Just be ready for shorter daylight hours, especially in the darker months like November, December, and January. Spring is pretty sweet too – you might catch a glimpse of the Northern lights, and there’s this magical vibe as nature and wildlife slowly wake up from winter’s nap. Perfect time for a wedding surrounded by nature coming back to life.