A bigTHANK YOUfor your inquiry

Thank you for your inquiry!

Midgard answers all questions within 24 hours.

If the matter is urgent feel free to call us any time. Remember… you can see prices and availability right here on our site and book your accommodation.

Midgard is a place to stop-by, a place to have a chat, to relax, to eat, to have a drink and/or to stay over in our super comfy accommodation. Mixing and mingling is greatly encouraged in Midgard, for staff, travelers and locals alike. As well as informality being a key Midgard concept, your visit/stay may also include a slightly more formal music session held on Midgard some evenings.

Midgard Base Camp is very much a place from which to come and go, before and after exploring the spectacular natural environments that are all around. Midgard is a place to tell your stories of the day and to hear those of others. Midgard is a place to relax, to refresh and to recharge. (both yourself and your camera and ‘phone batteries!).

Come and feel very cozy in Midgard Base Camp!