What do Star Wars, Game of Thrones and Midgard Base Camp have in common?

They all filmed in Iceland!

That’s right, we’re proud to introduce the Midgard Base Camp film which gives an insight into what it’s like to stay and work here.

Fortunately, it’s a lot more peaceful and luxurious than Game of Thrones, so don’t fear! In celebration of the release of video we decided to interview the two brains behind the project, Midgard Founder Siggi and Director Rozle!

We get to grips with the inspirations behind the video and how Rozle managed to capture the true, family spirit of the Midgard Base Camp. Give it a read, watch the video then feel free to get in touch to let us know your thoughts!

Hopefully we won’t lose any of the team to Hollywood but based on their superb acting we imagine Tinseltown will come knocking soon!

Interviewing Midgard Base Camp Founder Siggi

What inspired you to create the video?

  • We worked so hard to try and create a concept at Midgard Base Camp that would be different but still practical. It was a bit of a risk to try to change an old heavy machinery house to comfortable accommodation. I do feel it worked out great and I do believe that our Base Camp is a top “accommodation” in the world, I wanted to find a way to inspire people to come to the small town Hvolsvollur. Experience the adventures, the amazing nature all around us and hanging out with the locals. It´s kind of hard to do that with words, it´s hard to explain all of this, so I thought the video might be able to help us out. It came in handy to have world class producers as friends, that were up for creating something different. The main goal is to show people what is waiting for them here, and hope they will get inspired to come and stay with us any throughout the year! That´s the best thing about it Base Camp, it´s great all year around!


What’s your favourite part of the video?

  • I think one of my favourite parts is when our guest is trying to copy Addi’s singing in the shower with a Viking hat on. Truth be told, I was a bit sceptical about that scene and unsure if it would work, but it turned out to be one of my favourite parts.
Midgard Base Camp Video

What can guests discover about Basecamp by watching the video?

  • I hope they can sense the atmosphere and the facilities. We tried to focus on being true to ourselves and tried to embrace the family feeling, fun, and playfulness which we want people to experience when they stay with us.


Will we ever get the full footage of Addi singing?

  • Haha, I think you should just come and share a beer with us at Base Camp and I´m sure after a couple of drinks you might be able to convince him to sing a song or two. Maybe that’s not fair of me to say, I´m always promising his entertainment without his knowledge! I still believe at the end of the day he forgives me, after all, he is one hell of an entertainer!

An Interview With Director Rozle

Any funny stories from the shoot?

  • It is always fun to work with the guys at Midgard. The working atmosphere is awesome, no stress and it’s always fun. That’s why the video is so funny and candid, viewers will undoubtedly see something they like in it. If I need to expose one funny moment, it was definitely during the kitchen shoot. We requested that the chef throw food high out of the pan – an unusual request but something we knew would look great on camera. With every take we wanted the chef to throw the food higher and higher and, as you can imagine, the food never ended up back in the pan!


Which part of the video is your favourite?

  • The shower scene is the best but I also really like the first shot at the Midgard event, with the old lady knitting in the background. Maybe it’s not what you expect from Base Camp but it demonstrates that this is a place where everyone is welcome and can find something that interests them. You need to watch the video several times to see everything that is going on in the background. Even then, you will still find something new every time you watch it – it’s full of secrets!
Midgard Base Camp Video

How did you try to capture the essence of Midgard Basecamp and the people who work here?

  • I think we really captured the essence of the Midgard family. All the ideas shown in the video came from their real story. They are like a family, so we wanted to show it through real characters and their development through the years. 


Who’s the best actor in the Midgard team?

  • They are all the best because they are themselves.

Does our video give you wanderlust? Feel free to get in touch with us to arrange your Icelandic adventure!