1. Iceland’s exemplary response to the pandemic

The Icelandic government was quick to make the right decisions in handling the coronavirus. From the beginning the pandemic was considered a serious matter, measures were put in place and no other country has done more extensive testing. Icelanders followed the rules and after an early peak it seems that the country can go back to “normal” sooner than other countries. Having a small population seems to have been beneficial here… once again!

Björg, Midgard's CEO
Midgard's CEO, Björg is also a nurse and she has been working with the authorities tracing each Covit-19 case to decide who needs to go in quarantine.

2. Iceland is so affordable now!

Even though we don’t like to hear it, we get it. For foreigners Iceland is (or was) on the expensive side. The reasons for that can of course be found in being a small island in the Atlantic, having to ship in most of the goods over long distances. Through the pandemic our volatile currency, the Icelandic Krona, did get a lot weaker – with the benefit to make travelling in Iceland much more affordable for travellers.

Midgard Adventure's super jeep at one of our many black sand beaches around our beautiful island.
Midgard Adventure's super jeep at one of our many black sand beaches around our beautiful island.

3. Iceland is the opposite of a concrete jungle

You have been locked inside for a long time; living in a big city can feel like a concrete jungle. The opposite of that, is a wide open space, out in nature… think of mountains, waterfalls, glaciers, lava fields, grazing horses… well that’s what you will find in Iceland all around you. To be honest, Midgard Base Camp used to be a concrete factory – but we are quite sure that the building today doesn’t remind you of the concrete jungle too much…

Rauðaskál, Fjallabak, Iceland
See the colours! This is Rauðaskál in Fjallabak Nature Reserve. Join a tour with Midgard Adventure and experience this truly moving landscape.

4. Iceland isn’t crowded (and now even less so)

Another rumour we really don’t like to hear – even before the pandemic. Iceland gets around 2 million tourists per year, which might be a big number to the small number of inhabitants. Remember though, how big the country and how sparsely populated it is. Paris alone has 10 times more visitors than our whole big island. So it is a very different level of “crowdedness” you will experience here. Some of the most popular main sights (such as the Blue Lagoon or the Golden Circle) are visited by the majority of the tourists. If you ask a local if these are really the nicest spots the island has to offer? It’s a definite no! So it was never “crowded” and after the coronavirus it will be even less!

This stunning mountain is called Einhyrningur and is on your way to the highlands. You can travel for days there without meeting a single person.

5. We are all craving for something to look forward to!

Being locked up at home, spending days and weeks doing the same; doing the dishes or vacuum cleaning as the highlight of the day, people need to go out again doing things they actually like. Things that we can do together, that create memories that last a lifetime. Well Midgard Adventure is all about that. Join a day or a multi-day tour with your favorite people and build up fun memories that you can talk about until the rest of your life. No good story ever started with “I was vacuum cleaning…” – so book your trip to Iceland – afterall, anticipation is half the fun, especially in these weird times!

What would you like to experience when this strange situation has passed? Going into an ice-cave and feeling the unique energy coming from the glacier is maybe one of them?

6. We have a lot of space for you! A LOT!

The Icelandic nature builds the best playground for physical distancing, even long before that became a thing. So if you want to travel and are still sceptical to meeting other people, Iceland is the place to go! Pack your backpack, get on your hiking shoes and off you go. You can go for days and weeks in the Icelandic highlands without meeting any other people. And that’s our favourite activity to do in our free time. Nothing beats hiking under the midnight sun, exploring the wild and finding places that maybe have never been visited by any other human being before you.

There are endless hiking options in Iceland for everyone, beginners and advanced hikers.

7. Need to step up your game with new hobbies?

During the isolation time you had a lot of time to think. Most likely you came up with quite a few plans for the future… new opportunities for adding hobbies or a bucketlist of things you always wanted to do? Well we can help you to master these things! Do you want to become a hiker, biker, a first time camper? Check out Midgard Adventure, we can help you in your personal growth. Or are you sick of online yoga classes? We have yoga classes at Midgard Base Camp and teach them in person – it is so much more fun! And if you are really into this, you should definitely try out our beer yoga nights… it just can’t get better than this!

Snowmobiling or hiking in Iceland's beautiful nature, what would you prefer?

8. Friends? Family? Fiancé? Bring them all!

You have been cramped in together for a long time. So you can’t decide to travel the world first with your family, your friends, your mother-in-law, your fiancée or your mistress. Well bring them all to Iceland. We have a lot of wind for the warm blooded, hot springs for those that don’t like the cold and we have outdoor activities for all kinds of adventure enthusiasts. Iceland and Midgard have something to offer for absolutely everyone! So don’t be shy, bring the whole group and experience all that Iceland has to offer together!

Hot or cold, which one is your thing? Iceland has both!

9. Every season is the best season

Ask people that have been to Iceland – usually they all loved it here, in every time of the year. We don’t really know if it is because people have really low expectations on the weather or if the weather in Iceland is actually year-round pretty good. It is a fact that every season has its own charm. Summer with 24 hours of daylight, winter with the northern lights, well it is hard to pick a favourite. So there are only two options, either visit Iceland at least twice or even better, just move here and become a local yourself.

Each season has its charm! What would you like to experience? The Northern Lights or 24 hours daylight?

10. Nothing beats an Icelandic party night

Yes, Zoom parties are “fun” – but it’s just not the same… And we feel your pain. We will have a great lineup of Icelandic concerts, parties, beer tastings, karaoke nights and so much more waiting for you once we can open our doors again. We are currently exploding with ideas and can’t wait to host them at Midgard. So join us for a night to remember at Midgard Base Camp…

We are lining up really exciting events at Midgard Base Camp for the coming months. Check out our Facebook page for updates.