We all know that Iceland’s a beautiful, desirable location. That’s just a fact. So, it’s not surprising that there are a ton of places to accommodate all you travellers who want to give us a visit – luckily for you! So, what makes us different? Why do we think we’re Iceland’s best place to stay? Well, we may be biased but let us explain.

The Perfect Location in Iceland

Not only are we very close to Iceland’s capital city (90 minutes) and main airport (2 hours), giving travellers easy access and a look at the modern, bustling life of Reykjavik, the Midgard Base Camp is also in a prime spot from which to explore most of Iceland’s truly ‘must-see’ spots.

For hikers, we have two locations that we’d say you absolutely have to check out! The first is Þórsmörk, a mountain ridge named after the Norse God Thor, offering a great trek with beautiful scenic views of green mountains and glistening rivers. Fimmvörðuháls is our other top recommendation – a hike that’ll have you trekking your way in between two glaciers. You don’t do that every day!

Landmannalaugar is another hot-spot for wanderlust travellers. It’s one of the most stunning areas in Iceland’s famous highlands. We recommend finding a spot that takes your breath away and letting yourself just sit for a moment to absorb the beauty. You’ll probably want to bring a camera too so that you can take snaps to make your mates back home very jealous!

For the perfect combination of Iceland’s ‘ice and fire’ scenery, pair a trip to the Fjallabak nature reserve (and spot the volcano!) with a stop at the ethereal glacier lake, Jökulsárlón. These two sites will make you sure to fall in love with Iceland – every other traveller does!

We’d also encourage you to visit the black sand beach in the South Coast and take a tour around the world famous Golden Circle, a route that stops off at three of the most unique spectacles in Iceland.


The Cosy & Comfy Facilities

Of course, it’s not all about what you’ll be doing when you’re out and about – we need to tell you about the base camp, too! We created the Midgard Base Camp as a super comfy, cosy base to come home to after your long days of exploration. Even the wildest traveller needs a nice basecamp!

We offer both group bunk accommodation, for those of you who love to stay social and meet fellow travellers, and private rooms for people who like a bit of quiet solitude to reflect on their journey. Our bunk rooms feature brilliant bunk beds with plenty of room to stretch out, curtains for privacy, large lockable drawers, plugs and lights so you can feel safe and cosy.

We also have plenty of drying facilities, which is always a welcome surprise to our travellers! Get rid of the damp from your shoes, clothes and equipment (including tents).

Most of the social stuff goes on in our lounge area, which is pretty huge and offers a range of activities from live sports to games and karaoke. This is the perfect spot to get to know your fellow explorers and arrange group trips with your new friends!

The Coolest Rooftop In The World?

For the ultimate spot of luxury, head to the rooftop to chill out in our hot tub and sauna. Let yourself relax under the gorgeous Icelandic sky and enjoy breath-taking views of snow-covered mountains and grazing wildlife. On a clear night, it’s also the ultimate way to experience the Northern Lights!

It makes for a wonderful time of reflecting and you’ll certainly never forget the experience!

Rooftop hot tub in Iceland perfect for viewing the Northern lights

The Northern Lights

Most people who holiday in Iceland during winter wish to spot the Northern Lights and who can blame them?

The spectacular natural phenomenon is truly breathtaking to witness and Midgard Base Camp has been designed to make the most of them. For a start, Hvolsvöllur is a great location to spot Northern lights. The reason for this is simple – there is little light pollution here compared to Reykjavik, which makes the sky clearer for you!

If you want to escape any light pollution you just have to take a short walk from the Base Camp but one of our favourite places to view the lights is from the warmth of our hot tubs!

Northern lights in Iceland during winter

Home Away From Home

We wanted the Midgard basecamp to be a home away from home where travellers feel safe and relaxed. We know we’ve succeeded when you all keep on coming back, no matter where you’ve been in the world! Every time, we welcome our returning guests with open arms.

To make you feel at home, we provide all you need to live out here – including the great facilities we’ve already mentioned! Our staff are attentive, friendly and will become your go-to guides for advice and help. We also have a restaurant on site that serves healthy, freshly-made food throughout the day, so you can hearty breakfasts before you venture out and warm, Icelandic inspired meals when you return.

There’s also the small matter of the bar, where we have happy hour everyday and the cafe, where you can grab a taste of our brilliant coffee. These are both great places to relax and unwind after a day of adventure and a superb opportunity to meet and mingle with likeminded tourists in Iceland.

Our main aim at the Midgard basecamp is to give our travellers everything they need to feel comfortable when they stay with us. We love Iceland and we want you to as well, so we’ll do everything we can to help you experience it to the fullest!

Find Friends & Fellow Travellers

We love that our basecamp is such a melting pot of different people from all over the world, and it warms our hearts when we see everyone getting along; because they really do! We don’t know if it’s something to do with the social areas we provide or the fact everyone feels so relaxed and at home, but the travellers at Midgard are some of the friendliest we’ve ever seen.

It’s super easy for lone travellers to make new friends here, and even groups of people that arrive are always one or two people bigger when they leave! Travellers who have never met before our camp spend time socialising, eating and relaxing together as well as planning group excursions. The things you see in Iceland are always more incredible when you have new friends to share them with, and you won’t struggle to find them here!

Equipment for your Icelandic Adventures

If you’re ready to lose your heart to the beauty of Iceland, we have all you need. We have bikes on site that you can use to go and explore the local neighbourhoods, giving you a new way to explore the country.

We also have equipment for camping and personal use that can be rented on site, and that includes everything from clothing to maps – don’t sweat the small stuff, we’ve got you covered!

Midgard Basecamp Shop - everything you need for your Icelandic adventure


There’s always something exciting going on at Midgard Base Camp.

The team organise some fantastic events – concerts, yoga classes, film nights, you name it! This ensures there’s always a fun and engaging vibe around the place. Trust us when we say you won’t be bored!

Midgard Adventure Is On-Site!

Not decided on your itinerary? Don’t sweat it, at Midgard Base Camp it’s easy to go with the flow or float with the goat as we like to say!

Everything you need is located on-site at Base Camp and that includes our sister company, Midgard Adventure who organise some of the best tours Iceland has to offer. The tours also depart from Base Camp, making it very convenient for you to join in!

You’re free to drop in for advice, a chat or to organise a tour! Everyone’s very friendly and fun so just dive into life at Base Camp and begin your Icelandic adventure!

Book Iceland’s Best Place To Stay Now To Avoid Disappointment!

You see what we mean now? Our camp really is amazing- possibly even Iceland’s best place to stay – and so are the travellers who make it so awesome! If you’re planning a trip to Iceland, we’d love to see you at our camp. Get in touch with our team and start chatting to us; we can help you with trip planning and advice, as well as getting to know you so that you’ll know us when you get here. We can’t wait!

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