Events all year round

at Midgard Base Camp
What´s on at Midgard Base Camp?

There is never a dull moment at Midgard Base Camp. Our events are popular among Midgard Base Camp guests as well as the local community in Hvolsvöllur and all of South Iceland.

Make sure to check out our Facebook page for the event calendar.



We love Icelandic music. Our guests love Icelandic music. The local town loves Icelandic music. Well, who doesn’t?

We have had concerts by amazing local artists such as Mugison, Hjalmar, Bríet or Ásgeir. If you have not heard of them we encourage you to check them out and build yourself an amazing road trip playlist.


Documentary evenings

Sometimes it´s cozy night at Midgard Base Camp. We make popcorn and chill over a good documentary.

Yoga classes

After a long drive or a strenuous hike it´s nice to stretch your muscles and calm the mind by taking a yoga class.

Our yoga classes are for everyone. Ask at the front desk if we have a class coming up.

Live sports events

We show all major tv sport events at Midgard Base Camp.

Do you want to watch a football game with the Icelandic national team? We of course show all of their games. HÚH!

Check out our Facebook page for upcoming events

All our events are on our Facebook page. Check it out. Ps. We are open for new event suggestions.

So if you have an idea…hit us a line!