It’s no secret that Iceland is home to some of the most beautiful natural wonders in the world.

From glacier lagoons to sweeping, lush valleys and, of course, the Northern Lights. There’s a whole lot of awesome sights to see!

But sometimes it can be hard to find the raw landscape of Iceland, heading off the beaten track and getting up-close to the hidden beauty of this country full of secrets. Luckily for you, our team at Midgard Base Camp are here to help.

As lovers of Iceland and locals to the land, we think we have a pretty good idea of how travellers looking to uncover all that Iceland has to offer can do just that. Follow these tips and start planning the adventure of a lifetime!

Stay in the South

The South of Iceland is known for its landscape of natural beauty and you could spend weeks upon weeks here, discovering all the little hidden wonders as well as the big, must-see locations.

The beautiful nature reserve of Þórsmörk, the 678m high mountain of Mount Þríhyrningur and the geothermal pools of Secret Lagoon Hot Spring are just a few of the gems the South holds for travellers, as well as the route of The Golden Circle which leads you to a whole bunch of incredible spots out on the Icelandic landscape.

You can also explore Fjallabak, a nature reserve full of mountains and deep valleys, visit the Western Islands and check out the town of Vestmannaeyjar, hike through the beautiful landscape of Landmannalaugar, delve deep into Iceland’s history at Fljótshlíð, the area in the famous Saga of Njal, and discover the gothic and incredibly picturesque black sand beaches

Midgard Base Camp is located in the centre of adventure in South Iceland, making it the perfect spot to stay if want to see all of the most awesome natural wonders up here.

What locals do in Iceland

Get to Know the Experts

If you want to discover areas that are lesser known to tourists, the best way to do it is to get to know the locals. After all, we’re the ones who have been living here all our lives, so we’ve pretty much found all the best, untouched spots!

Our team at Midgard are always happy to help guests get off the tourist routes and into the depths of Iceland, and we have a lot of locals coming to our events, such as music gigs, or eating at our restaurant who will be happy to help you out, too.

Midgard Adventure

Our sister group, Midgard Adventure, is the answer to discovering all that Southern Iceland has to offer – and the travellers who join the tours think so, too! We can take you out into the depths of the wilderness with experienced guides who know their way around the land and can point out all the hidden gems that you’d otherwise have missed.

From hiking and biking to jeeps and snowmobile tours, you can pick the way to get around that sounds the best to you! We have single day tours and multiday tours, where you can camp out under the stars with all your new mates, really getting to grips with Iceland’s nature.

If you’ve got any questions about our Base Camp or Midgard Adventure, or just about your Iceland travel plans, chat with our team today. We’re always happy to help you guys and girls out in whatever way we can, so don’t be shy!