Whether you’re a pro, a newbie, doing day trips or biking around the whole country, there’s no denying that cycling in Iceland is an awesome experience. From the sights you’ll see to the people you’ll meet – it’s one of our favourite ways to get around!

To help you budding explorers prepare for your own cycling adventures in Iceland, we’ve put together five things we think you need to know.

Race on the Ring Road

The Ring Road is Iceland’s most famous route for cycling – and for a lot of other means of travel, too. It’s a kind of circle-like shape (note the ‘kind of’) that takes you around Iceland on a clearly-marked route. You’ll get to see tons of the geographical wonders Iceland is famous for and explore the nature of this country that makes it so unique.

It’s an 828-mile route and definitely a great trip to take if you’re planning to cycle your way through Iceland. You’ll also meet a lot of other friendly cyclists along the way – what could be better?

What locals do in Iceland

Windy Weather

No one’s ever properly prepared for how windy it can get in Iceland. Our gales are mighty when they’re in full-force and can really slow you down on a bike! Don’t worry though, it only adds the fun of the experience, and when it’s behind you it can really make you feel like you’re flying through the valleys and down the mountains.

Cycle on Iceland layover

It’s Good for the Budget

Cycling your way around Iceland is the cheapest way you can travel. You can bring your own bike with you or hire one when you’re over here, but either way, it’s going to a whole lot nicer to your bank account than going by car, bus or train!

If you do bring your own bike, just make sure you look ahead at travel costs on the plane and such so you don’t get any nasty surprises.

The Fjallabak Nature Reserve

Communication is Key

If you’re cycling in Iceland on your own, or even in a group, it’s a good idea that one of you either knows Icelandic or English. Most people in Iceland (even the kids) speak English very well, so if you need to know where you are, directions on where to go or ask for the nearest available toilets (we’ve all been there!) then you’ll be able to easily.

Local things to do in Iceland

Heading Inland

If you plan to go further inland and off the beaten track on your travels, make sure you’re stocked up with plenty of food and water. Both of these essentials might not be so easily available to you once you’re out of the inhabited areas of Iceland. It’s definitely something you want to think about before you leave for your journey into the wild depths!

cycling in Iceland

Our team at Midgard Base Camp definitely recommend cycling in Iceland. From our Base Camp, you can easily head out and take on Route 1 of the Ring Road, which a whole lot of cyclists do. If you need any more information, help or advice, don’t think twice about getting in touch with our team– we’re always happy to help!

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