Looking for an excuse to visit Iceland this summer?

Look no further.

We’ve put down five reasons why you should visit Iceland during summer.

If you need more, check out our ultimate guide to summer in Iceland. It’s full of advice and information to help you plan the perfect Icelandic adventure this summer.

  1. The Sunlight

Visit Iceland in winter and there will be some days where you only see a few hours of sunlight. In summer, the opposite is true and from mid-May to mid-August, the sun will only set for a few hours a day. This means you will have loads of time for activities and it will make a shorter trip feel a whole lot longer!

Snowmobiling in Iceland during winter
  1. The Weather In Iceland During Winter Compared to Summer

In Iceland, you can experience all four seasons in a matter of hours. The weather can be incredibly temperamental.

As we note in our Definitive Guide To Summer In Iceland:

“In winter this volatility is more pronounced, ensuring some trips are delayed or cancelled (unless you travel in one of our super jeeps). In summer roads that are sometimes shut in winter reopen, ensuring Iceland becomes a hiker and biker paradise, not to mention opening up a whole host of activities!”

So hikers, bikers, climbers rejoice for summer in Iceland is a paradise for you guys!

  1. Swim/Surf In The Ocean

No matter what time of year it is, it’s fun to bathe in the geothermal-heated waters of Iceland’s famous lagoons.

But water-babies can enjoy even more pleasures in summer. No word of a lie – you can actually swim in the Ocean during summer in Iceland.

No, you don’t need to be a masochist. Hot bays keep the water around the coast a decent temperature for swimmers.

And guess what?

Iceland is even gaining a reputation for surfing! How rad is that?!

Hikers will also LOVE our hike to Landmannalaugar where they can rest their weary feet (and whole body) in the natural hot springs at the end of the long and beautiful hike.

Learn more here. 

Iceland local activities
  1. Activities

As we mentioned above, there are certain activities we can only operate in summer.

These include canyoning, climbing, hiking and biking.

Adventurous souls can also explore volcanoes or take midnight horse rides!

5. Flights to Iceland in summer

While flight times don’t change between seasons, you may feel Iceland is too far to come from the UK or USA for a short itinerary.

But flight time to Iceland from New York is just five and a half hours and just two hours and a half from England. Also, with the extensive daylight hours, you can pack a whole lot of adventure into just a few days in Iceland!


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