If you’re anything like us guys at Midgard Base Camp, you have a whole lot of things you want to see in your lifetime. This is your bucket list; everything you want to do before you die. Whether you’re organized and have it written down in a notebook, scribbled on various post-its or just stored away in your head, everyone has a bucket list, even if they don’t know it!

You only have one life (as far as we know) so you should make sure you do everything you want whilst you can. The world is a wonderful place, full of breathtaking landscapes, reminding you of why you’re alive, so don’t miss any of it.

If you’d love some bucket list inspiration, here are 3 breathtaking landscapes in Iceland that we think deserve a place on yours.


Þórsmörk is a gorgeous valley in Iceland, nestled between Mýrdalsjökull, Tindfjallajökull and Eyjafjallajökull, which are three mighty ice caps. The valley is home to a vivid oasis of plant life and greenery as well as rivers that cut their way through the earth, leading you on trails through the landscape. On the horizon ice-capped mountains loom up against the sky, their peaks seeming to touch the clouds, almost untouchable to our human hands.

The land is one of the most popular for hikers, featuring stunning views and intricate walks that allow you to feel at one with your surroundings, though even those unfamiliar with hiking will be blown away by the area. Join us on a day tour and see for yourself.

Super Jeep travelling through Þórsmörk

The Fjallabak Nature Reserve

With 47,000 hectares of land, the Fjallabak Nature Reserve has an abundance of gorgeous areas just waiting to be explored. It’s a mountainous area of Iceland with the occasional peak of a volcano jutting out amongst the rocky landscape, lending geothermal activity, lava and rivers to the landscape.

The Fjallabak Nature Reserve is a peaceful and tranquil open space where travellers can really appreciate Iceland’s natural beauty in all its glory. You can explore this rugged area that teems with life on our Hidden Highlands tour.

The Fjallabak Nature Reserve

 The South Coast

Iceland’s South Coast is an epic route teeming with breathtaking landscapes and plenty of hidden secrets to delve into. From the thundering waterfalls that cascade down rocky cliff-faces to ethereal glaciers and a long, winding coastline that boasts incredible views, the South Coast is one of our favourite areas of Iceland. It’s a place that can’t be replicated anywhere else on this Earth and will easily be a highlight of your Icelandic visit. Pop it on the bucket list! You can tick that one off on our South Coast adventure that explores all the must-see spots and hidden gems.

All of these sights are totally awesome and we’d feel sorry for anyone who missed out on seeing them – they’re that good! If you want to start ticking items of your bucket-list now them you can book these tours with us today. If you have any questions about the tours we mentioned or anything else about Midgard, drop us an email and ask away!

Things to do on a south Iceland stopover